Group seminars

January 2022

Wed. 26 Jan. 2022, 8:30 
Prof. Stefan Kalkhof (HS Coburg)
Via Zoom
"Mass spectrometric analysis of the release, degradation, mode of action, and efficacy of therapeutic agents and environmental contaminants"  

Wed. 19 Jan. 2022, 8:30   
Tom Götze
Via Zoom 
"Untersuchung der Wechselwirkung von Zytokin-basierten Peptiden mit Glykosaminoglykanen mittels zweidimensionaler NMR-Spektrospkopie"
(Co-supervisor: Prof. Daniel Huster) 
Wed. 12 Jan. 2022, 8:30  
Elnaz Ghasemabadi
Via Zoom  
Master thesis introduction
"Evaluation of various untargeted proteomics and metabolomics setups performance using mouse brain tissue"
(Co-supervisor: Prof. Uta Ceglarek (Uni-Klinikum))  
Wed. 05 Jan. 2022, 8:30 
Hannes Sternberg 
Via Zoom
Bacholer thesis defense 
"Isotopen Markierung des Reaktionszentrums von Heliobakterien für Festkörper Photo-CIDNP MAS NMR experimente" 

December 2021

Wed. 15 Dec. 2021, 8:30 
Prof. Wolfgang Gärtner, Patrick Kurle, Muhamed Nour Hashem Eeza
Via Zoom
"Trip to your home city"

Wed. 08 Dec. 2021, 8:30  
Narmin Bashirova 
Via Zoom
"Bioaccumulation of PET nanoplastics and their effect on zebrafish embryos"
Ruonan Qin
Via Zoom
Master thesis introduction
"Selective isotope labelling of tyrosine in flavoproteins for 13C solid-state photo-CIDNP effect"

Wed. 01 Dec. 2021, 8:30
No speaker

November 2021

Wed. 24 Nov. 2021, 8:30
Laura Kahle
TA 257 & via Zoom
Bachelor thesis defense
"Investigation of degradation rates during the enzymatic hydrolysis of polyethylene terephthalate"

Wed. 17 Nov. 2021, 8:30
Buß- und Bettag (holiday)
No seminar

Wed. 10 Nov. 2021, 8:30
Lisa Köhler
Via Zoom
"Long-term Preservation of short-lived photoproducts of phytochromes at room temperature"

Wed. 03 Nov. 2021, 8:30
Ivan Zhukov (International Tomography Center, Novosibirsk) 
TA 257 & via Zoom
"High-resolution field-cycling NMR in studies of coherent polarization transfer"


October 2021

Wed. 27 Oct. 2021, 8:30
Izabella Zwanck
TA 257 & via Zoom
Bachelor thesis defense 
"Chemical shift anisotropy of nitrogen in a flavoprotein"

Wed. 20 Oct. 2021, 8:30
Patricia Falkenstein
Via Zoom
"Topic will follow" 

Wed. 13 Oct. 2021, 8:30
Sophie Schwarz
Via Zoom
Practical course defense
"Influence of tryptophan mutants on the spectroscopic properties of CBCR Slr1393g3" 

Wed. 06 Oct. 2021, 8:30
No speaker


September 2021

Wed. 29 Sept 2021
Leila Patzelt
Via Zoom 
Practical course defense
"Glucosinolat-Standards mittels LC-MS"
(iDiv, Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung)

Wed. 22 Sept. 2021
Volkwin Kuntz
Via Zoom
Master thesis introduction
"Transformation of persistent and mobile micropollutants during conventional water treatment processes"
(Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ) 


July 2021

Wed. 28 July 2021
M.Sc. Paula Blázquez, M.Sc. Patrick Kurle, M.Sc. Ziyue Zhao, M.Sc. Narmin Bashirova
Via Zoom
„Trip to your home city" 

Wed. 21 July 2021
Dr. Christian Wiebeler
"Via Zoom Computational Thermochemistry of Molybdenum-Clusters and Spectroscopy of Lanthanoid-Calixarene Complexes"

Wed. 14 July 2021
Dr. Christian Sonnendecker
Via Zoom
“Synthetic whole cell systems for enzymatic PET degradation”

Wed. 7 July 2021
B.Sc. Ann-Christin Schweigert
Via Zoom
Practical course defense
“Establishing a NHN double CP HetCor for photo-CIDNP experiments"


June 2021

Wed. 30 June 2021
Justus Wendler
TA-257 & via Zoom
Practical course defense
"Dansylation of Mycosporine-like amino acids"

Wed. 23 June 2021
Prof. Friedrich Kremer
Physics, Uni Leipzig
Via Zoom
“Molecular dynamics as studied by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy”

Wed. 16 Oct. 2021
Prof. Boris Fine
Physics, Uni Leipzig
Via Zoom
“Dynamics of nuclear spins in solids and other topics”

Wed. 9 June 2021
Rounan Qin
Via Zoom
Practical course defense
“Characterization of the GAF-domains of the phytochrome-like photoreceptor All2699 from Nostoc.7120”

Wed. 2 June 2021
Laura Stolzenburg
Via Zoom
Bachelor thesis defense
„Stabilisierung von Photoproduktzuständen in Phytochromen durch Immobilisierung in Zuckergläsern am Beispiel von PstBphP1“


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